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K&K Sound Pure Mini

K&K Sound Pure Mini
K&K Sound Pure Mini K&K Sound Pure Mini
Product Code: Pure Mini
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Price: Rp.2,000,000.00

K&K Sound Pure Mini

The Pure Pickup is our award-winning, signature pickup for acoustic guitars. The best choice for achieving a rich, natural guitar sound -- even without a preamp!

  • Installed on the guitar's bridge plate
  • The perfect plug-and-play solution for the musician who wants a warm, full-range signal without worrying about cluttering up their instrument, adjusting onboard electronics, or having to remember to change the battery.
  • Provides the perfect balance of sound, picking up all the strings without sounding harsh or percussive and "listening" to the sound board to amplify the unique characteristics of your guitar.
  • The result is a warm, full-range signal that represents the true character of your guitar.



  • Direct installation with superglue gel is required for optimum performance but the system can be carefully removed without damage to your guitar (you may damage the pickup though).
  • Will fit all standard steel string acoustic guitars.


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