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LR.Baggs Violin Pickup

LR.Baggs Violin Pickup
LR.Baggs Violin Pickup LR.Baggs Violin Pickup
Product Code: Violin Pickup
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Price: Rp.3,020,000.00


·         Highly selective miniature sensor is epoxy-embedded in the bridge itself for unsurpassed sensitivity. No stuck-on or wedged-in appendage can match its response

·         Sensor is sensitive only in the rich left-right mode to bring out the true character of your violin yet reject extraneous string and body noise

·         Does not alter the inherent acoustic qualities of the instrument

·         Studio quality response makes it a viable tool for recordings

·         High feedback resistance for stress-free high sound pressure levels on stage

·         The pickup is a miniature vibration transducer cast directly into an Superieur Despiau "Two Tree" maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer

·         Even string to string balance

·         Can be plugged directly into most combo amps with great results, even without a preamp*

·         Comes inset in a high quality Superior Despiau "Two Tree" maple bridge for optimum acoustic response

·         Though the Violin pick-up does not require use of a preamp, best results in most situations will result from using a high-quality, clean gain preamp


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